Saturday, 21 October 2017

Book Review


Scandalous mistress…or desert queen?
Sheikh Zafir Al-Noury cannot forgive model Kat Winters for breaking off their engagement, but he cannot forget their burning-hot nights together. Hiring her to promote his kingdom’s most famous jewel creates an opportunity for renewed seduction…
Walking away from Zafir devastated Kat. The pain has made her strong, but the fire he ignites is stronger yet – Zafir tempts her to complete sensual surrender! Even if that means exposing every part of herself to the man who once ruled her soul…
Book 1 of the Rulers of the Desert duet

My Review

Now if you are fans of Abby's books like I am, then you will love this book, you will not be disappointed.  I mean who doesn't like reading about sheikhs, I think it has something to do with the robes and you can imagine what the body is like underneath.

I can't go into too much detail, because that would spoil the book.  All I will say is that Zafir is now the king of Jandor he does have a younger brother called Salim.

Salim was one half of a twin but nineteen years ago when Salim was eleven his sister Sara died from a neck injury resulting from falling off a high wall in the garden.  Salim and Sara had a very special bond to the exception of everyone and that included Zafir, since then Salim and Zafir relationship has been difficult.

So this is where I have to be careful and not reveal too much, recently The Heart of Jandor Diamond had been found and Zafir was taking the diamond on a diplomatic tour and his aide Rahul suggested using a model for showing off the diamond in New York.

Kat Winters is the model that Zafir wants, except that she is no longer modelling and hasn't done so since she left Zafir, which is over a year ago.

I loved both Kat and Zafir, because they both have to confront some demons that caused them split up, and because of this Kat has become a lot stronger and isn't afraid to stand up to Zafir, and Zafir opens his heart to the changes that has happened to Kat.

I will give this 5/5 stars and I can highly recommend the book.  This book is released on 1st November and can bought from Amazon.

I am so looking forward to book 2 which is called A Christmas Bride, this is Salim's book and is released on 1st December and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

I received this book from Netgalley for the Mills and Boon Insiders, in return for a honest review.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Book Review


 According to his father's terms, Michael Rosevear's duty is to be ignored--until such time as he is useful. Now that the earldom is in need of funds, Michael is to be sold off in marriage to the daughter of a crass but wealthy merchant willing to pay for any connection to nobility--even one from the wrong side of the blanket . . . 

En route to his fate in London, Michael does not plan to board an extra passenger. Yet there is something in the young miss's desperate plea that tugs at his conscience--though he is certain her story is a fabrication . . . 

Juliana Crawford has fled her father's cruel home. Using a false name to evade pursuit, she must find a private traveler with whom to complete her escape. Chance matches her with a dark and wounded young lord who guards his own secrets just as carefully. The unlikely pair embark on a journey filled with revelations and unexpected adventure--one that may lead them to question whether to part at their destination--or change course entirely. . .

My Thoughts

This is the third and last book in The Brides of Beadwell.  What a series this has been, we started with Emma, then Lucy and now finally Juliana.  I cannot recommend this series highly enough, I adored it from beginning to end.

This is the type of series to read, on those cold winter nights.  With a lovely fire and cup of hot chocolate and a lovely snuggle jumper.

My Review

As you will remember from book 1, Juliana Crawford made a fleeting appearance and as you may remember she lives with her father who has bullied her and beaten her, (as for calling him a father he is a poor excuse of one).

So in this book Juliana has escaped her father (yes I did shout hooray), and is wanting to get to London.  Now this were Juliana has a problem she hasn't any money and so she is looking for someone who would help her get to London.  So what does she do she asks a gentleman if he would help her get to London.  I will give Juliana her due, she may come across as been nervous and frightened but is definitely brave enough to ask a complete stranger to help her to London.

Well I now come too the stranger in question his name is Michael Rosevear who is the illegitimate son of The Marquess of Rosevear, who has a complicated relationship with his father, even though his father has acknowledged Michael, he never gave Michael the family name which is Brinley.  Michael lives in Yorkshire at Rose Hall one of his father's many homes that he doesn't use and Michael was sent by his father when he came back injured from the war.

Now from here I really don't want to give too much away, all I will say is Michael has a dog called Gelert a Irish Wolfhound who slowly wins Juliana's heart.  Also Emma and Lucy make a brief appearance.  Now I hear you  say does Juliana's father catch her, well you will just have to read the book and find out, because that would be spoiling the book.

As I've already mentioned I can highly recommend this book and I will give it 5/5 stars, I really want to give more.

This book is available to buy on 21st November on Amazon.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Book Review


Lucy Betancourt’s future looks bleak. The daughter of an ailing vicar in a village with no eligible bachelors, her only hope is to find employment as a governess or companion. As she helps her childhood friend, the new Duchess of Worley, through her pregnancy, the ever-practical Lucy makes her plans. But life—in the way of the dashing Bex Brantwood—has something else in store for Lucy…
Upon meeting Bex, the duke’s cousin, Lucy offers herself up to him. But Bex is no family man looking for a governess. And Lucy is not exactly mistress material. Still, the misunderstanding ends in a kiss neither can 
forget . . .
Bex finds the proper vicar’s daughter and her most improper proposal endlessly amusing—and attractive. But, saddled with debt, he’s in no position to keep a woman, much less marry one, which is what a woman like Lucy deserves. Little does he know that even with her reputation at stake, Lucy will take the biggest gamble of her life by following her heart—straight into his arms . . .

My Thoughts

As you know this is the second book in the Brides of Beadwell.  This time the story concentrates on Lucy Betancourt who if you remember is the best friend of Emma and John's cousin Bexley Brantwood.  Again I can highly recommend this book, this series is an absolute must read.  As with all good books we have the baddie and in this book we have two and of course we have a hero who has underlying problems and heroine who feels she doesn't fit in society, and then Lucy comes up with a plan much to Emma's disapproval.

My Review

Lucy feels that at twenty-four she has missed getting married because the men in the village are either too young or too old and her parents haven't got the funds for Lucy to have a season and she also doesn't have a dowry to offer.  Now you may remember that Emma and Lucy are childhood friends and Lucy often took lessons with Emma when they were children.

But Lucy feels she has now become a burden on her parents, her father is the local vicar and because he has reached an age were he needs extra help he is looking to hire a curate, so Lucy thinks she has leave her parents home.  So Lucy has come up with a plan to either become a companion or a governess.  Now please bear in mind that this what Lucy thinks and she hasn't voiced this too her parents.

Now Lucy is telling this to Emma who is emptying her stomach (I know gross) at the time...but Emma is expecting a baby and has asked Lucy to stay with her and John until the baby is born.  So poor Emma is trying to relax while Lucy is telling her of her plan, much to Emma's disgust, and to be honest mine as well.  Lucy is far too good and to inquisitive, to go into any of these positions. 

Now we come to the man that changes Lucy in more ways than she thought, this man is Bexley Brantwood cousin to John, I did love how they first meet when Lucy goes into the drawing room to collect her book and she thinks she is talking to Lord Ashby about a position of governess and Bex is thinking that Lucy is offering herself as a mistress, this for me was toeing curling and I wanted to go into the book and get Lucy out of the room.

So back to Bex, he is man will a lot problems mainly how he is going to fund his investments without the funds to do so, that is mainly because his father got into debt, because if you remember John was missing presumed dead, so the dukedom would have fallen to Bex's grandfather who was next line to inherit.  So Bex's father was shall we say annoyed that John returned and claimed his inheritance,  but Mr Brantwood senior had got used to the finer things that society offered, so he used Bex's inheritance to fund this lifestyle.

Now Bex doesn't find out about this until he asked by John to attend a meeting at Worley house and is confronted by his father and off course he had to admit what he done.  This is were I loved Bex because he refused John's offer to pay his debts,  the same couldn't be said of his father who took the money offered by John in his grubby hands.

Now I hear you say they were two baddies, the first I have mentioned Bex's father.  The second is a woman who I wouldn't want in my family.  Too understand this woman I have to talk about Lady Constance who has recently returned to London after the death of her husband (she isn't the baddie), and she befriends Lucy  and with a little encouraging she shows Lucy what she can do. 

Lady Constance has a niece called Annabelle and before Constance got married they would often correspond, but then when Constance married a french man and moved too France, the letters slowly stopped and by the Annabelle married they had stopped completely, and Constance was worried that her niece's husband had somehow intervened her letters.  So she asked Lucy to go on a adventure with her to go to her niece's home, which they do and also Bex went with them as well, and Lucy and Bex had to pretend to be married.  

I hear you say will you please get to the point.  Alright then, Annabelle is so awful and very disrespectful of her Aunt and Lucy is mortified on Lady Constance's behalf .  There is more to this bit of the story and I don't want to spoil it too much.

So there we have it.  Lucy's story and this is a absolute must read.  I will give this book 5/5 stars.

The last book in the series is The Chase, the character in this book made a fleeting appearance in the first book.   So if you have read the  book then you should remember Juliana  Crawford.

 You can purchase this book from Amazon on 24th October.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review. 


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Book Review

Julia Justiss  Secret Lessons with the Rake

This is the 4th book in a series for Mills and Boon Historical, called Hadley Hellions.

This is the first book that I have read by Julia Justiss and yes I have read the last book first... but that didn't bother me, because I felt you got know the other characters without having to read the previous books.

Oh my word how I loved this book, and I will deify anyone that doesn't like Christopher yes he is a rake but he's a lovable one and is very loyal to his close friends, but now that he is a member of parliament he now wants to have a respectable marriage and in order to do that he knows he has to marry a respectable lady.  The only problem with that is Christopher clearly has a soft spot for Ellie, especially when she gives him lessons on how to court ladies properly.

Ellie is a strong woman, well she had be in the circumstances that lead her to be Lord Summerville's mistress...but Ellie also has a warm and very loving heart, and she lost her heart to Christopher not much after she became Summerville's mistress.  During the course of the lessons the attraction between Christopher and Ellie becomes a lot stronger. 

Now I don't want to give too much away, but Christopher becomes to realise that Ellie is hiding a secret and let me say this Ellie's mother (if you can call her that) and her Aunt Marion should be absolutely ashamed of themselves...but their is one good thing that comes out of this, which really makes Ellie happy, and you will have to get the book to find out.  During the course of the book Ellie does realise that she has friends who are willing to help not just her but Christopher as well. 

I can recommend this book and I would give 4/5 stars.  You can purchase the book now from Amazon.

I received this book from the author in return for a honest review.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Lara Temple  Lord Hunter's Cinderella Heiress

This is Lara's first book in the Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies Series for Mills and Boon Historical.

In this new series we meet three friends who are Lord Hunter, Lord Ravenscar and Lord Stanton, these friends have known each other since they were at school, they also got a reputation for wild living and accepting any sporting dares.  In society they became known as The Wild Hunt Club.

My Review

This is my second book that I have read for Lara, I am getting to know  her style of writing, I also like how you can feel empathy with the characters.  In this book it was definitely the case.

What I loved about this book, is that both characters had issues they had to contend with.  Firstly Helen or Nell has her friends like to call her, there is one thing that Nell loves more than anything and that is horses give her confidence and is not afraid to take a challenge, she is also a very accomplished horsewoman even though at this time she is only seventeen.

Even though Nell has confidence with her horses, the same can't be said for the people that she lives with her father Sir Henry Tinley, I say father in a small way, because he would rather see his daughter being bullied by Aunt Hester, he does not stand up to Aunt Hester, even though they have guests.  But luckily Nell does stand up to Aunt Hester and I cheered for her.

Now I come onto Hunter who at the time of first meeting Nell, he was going through a lot of issues, but he is a man who is loyal to his friends.  In the book even though Nell is young I thought Hunter was attracted to Nell from the beginning, and he was also very impressed with her riding ability and so because of the challenge he buys Petra and Pluck, and he also witnesses Nell go from someone being bullied to a woman who finally stands up to Aunt Hester.

All that happened four years ago in 1816 and now its 1820 and Nell is now a heiress and she on her way to Hunter's residence, because even though she cut her father and her Aunt from her life, her father did something four years earlier that one Hunter has forgotten and two Nell had no idea until she received a letter from her father.  All I will say now is that we find out what Hunter's issues are and the main one is guilt and he has terrible nightmares.

I thoroughly loved this book and can highly recommend it.  The next book in the series is Lord Ravenscar's Innocent Betrothal.  I'm looking forward to this book because I found Ravenscar a cheeky character.

Hunter's book is available to buy on 1st November and can be purchased from Amazon.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Janice Preston  Scandal and Miss Markham (The Beauchamp Betrothals, Book 2)

My Review

This is the second book in the Beauchamp series and my second book by Janice.  As you will remember we met Leo in the previous book, this time we meet his younger brother Vernon.

I had been looking forward to reading this book for a long while, mainly I wanted to see how Janice portrayed Vernon and I can safely say he is just how I could imagine him to be.

This is a book I can highly recommend and is turning out to be a great series.  I can't go into too much detail of the book, because that would spoil the book.

Vernon as you know is the younger brother of Leo who is The Duke of Cheriton, but Vernon feels he missing something a purpose in life, and so volunteers to see a Mr Daniel Markham at Stour Crystal.  But upon his arrival he meets Daniel's sister Thea Markham, who doesn't know that Daniel had wrote to the Duke.  what for I hear you ask well you will find out in due course.

Thea is a very strong woman and also very stubborn.  But she has had her heart broken by a con man and from this Thea is very wary of men.  I loved Thea because she loves her family, and would do anything to help them.   She feel in love with a man who then conned and left Thea at the alter and because of this her father then had a stroke and has been bed ridden ever since.  so since then Thea and her brother have been getting the business back on its feet again.  so when Vernon meets Thea she is very worried because her brother has been missing for days and so the adventure begins.

Because Thea is a stubborn woman and completely ignores what Vernon says to her she then follows Vernon in what becomes a wonderful adventure not just for Thea but also for Vernon.  This adventure goes from two people starting as friends, but ends were each of them finds love for each other.

In the book Vernon does tease Thea a lot especially her name because you see Thea is short for Dorothea and Vernon does like calling her Dotty much to Thea's annoyance.

I would give this book 5/5 stars.  The book is available to purchase from the 1st October from Amazon.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Therese Beharrie  The Millionaire's Redemption

My Review

This is the first book that I have read by Therese and I can also recommend it.

This book is about how the right man can give a woman confidence when she has always been told she is a disappointment by her parents and her ex-fiance.

In one month Lily went from a woman with low self esteem and confidence issues.  The man that helped her was Jacques who has his own problems to deal with mainly his father.  I loved how Jacques and Lily bounced off each other.

There is a lot more to this story but I will not spoil it, all I will say is I liked the book and now that the nights are getting cold this book will warm your heart.

I will give this book 5/5 stars and it is available to buy from Amazon.

I received this book from the author in return for a honest review.